Kitchen Tips that Save Time

If you’re doing all the heavy lifting around your kitchen, you’re probably ready to throw in the dish towel.  There are several things you can do to stop giving yourself such a workout and save time on your kitchen chores.  Tired of carrying pots full of water from the sink to the stove? Ask your plumber to put an extra-long spray hose next to the faucet. You can fill pots on the stove and never have to lift heavy pots again!  Better yet, if you are planning a kitchen remodel – consider a pot filler faucet right next to or behind the stove.  Also, think about getting a garbage disposal that rinses food waste down your sink. You might like to have a trash compactor too. These kitchen helpers will cut down on the amount of garbage you have to haul to the trash can and the curb. Just make sure all the switches are easy to reach.  A few changes could really spruce up your kitchen and keep you safe, too.

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