Speed Queen Washers and Dryers Are Built for 25 Years Worth of Laundry

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Tired of buying a new washer every five years? Speed Queen washers and dryers outlast competitor units by two to three times, making them the smart choice for consumers seeking durability. Speed Queen machines are commercially designed for and tested to 10,400 cycles – that’s 25 years worth of laundry for the average user doing eight loads per week!

Speed Queen washers and dryers are also built to make service calls a thing of the past. They use commercial-grade metal components and a solid mount suspension system featuring a full steel base with heavy-duty springs for best-in-class out of balance performance, less vibration and longer machine life.

With Speed Queen washers, you’ll also save time when doing laundry. All cycles are quick and efficient and – with the exception of the Normal Eco cycle, which has a spray rinse – still offer a full tub wash and a full tub rinse.

Speed Queen’s industry-best warranties cover parts and in-home labor. The company has provided over 100 years of commercial quality, and its extreme factory testing ensures durability and long life for its washers and dryers.

Speed Queen’s Top Load Washer retails for $1049 and the Companion Dryer retails for $969 electric, $1039 gas. Speed Queen washers and dryers are available through independent local dealers. Learn more at www.SpeedQueen.com.

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