Fall Garage Storage and Organization Tips

Fall is now fully underway, and it’s the perfect time to organize your garage. You likely have a number of summer items to put into storage, and it might be tempting to just chuck everything on the garage floor. But a heaping pile can be hazardous as well as an eyesore, and will only cause headaches in the long run. These storage and organization tips will help ensure that your garage is safe and neat, with easy access to what you need.

Fall Garage Storage and OrganizationThe first step is to take stock of what’s already in there, and what you’ll be storing away for winter. The best place to store bikes, off-season sporting equipment or beach gear is off the ground. Suspended shelving will keep those items out of the way and free up valuable floor space. Another option is to hang them from hooks on the wall.

Next, it’s time to decide where to keep any lawn and garden equipment that you want to store in your garage. Take this opportunity to get your garden tools clean, organized and stored on a peg board. Put your rakes and other fall tools within easy reach, and get a jump on winter by making sure your snow shovels and snow blowers are ready to use.

If you find that you’ve got too much stuff for the garage, a shed might be the right solution to provide auxiliary space. There are many affordable, prefabricated sheds on the market that can be set up fast to provide storage in a jiffy. It’s important to look for one that will stand up to weather extremes and has lockable doors to keep out intruders and keep kids away from dangerous tools.

It’s also crucial to keep any hazardous materials – such as deicers, gasoline, oil or lawn and garden chemicals – stored safely, way up high and out of kids’ reach, and well away from any toys or other children’s items you are storing in the garage or shed.

By following these tips for fall garage storage and organization, you’ll have a well functioning space where you can easily find what you need all year round. 

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