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    Siding can really take a beating. And the longer you’ve had it, the more likely it is that a piece or two has acquired dings, dents, and scratches. If any of your siding is damaged, you can replace it yourself quickly and easily in just a couple hours. Here’s what you’ll need for this quick, inexpensive project:


    • Replacement Vinyl Siding Piece
    • 1¼” Aluminum Roofing Nails
    • Zip Tool
    • Hammer
    • Flat Bar
    • Long-handled Snips

    When taking on this DIY task, be sure to equip yourself with the proper safety gear.


    • Eye Protection
    • Mask


    Unlock damaged piece. Each piece of vinyl siding resembles two course of clapboard. A nailing strip or flange is at the top. And the bottom locks into the top of the course below. Unlock the damaged piece with a zip tool. Hook it under the bottom, lift up, and run the tool along the full length of the siding to release.


    Unlock piece above. In order to expose the nails at the top of the damaged piece, you’ll need to unlock the siding above it. Do this with the zip tool just as you did in the prior step.


    Pull nails. If the siding above the damaged piece is long enough, you may be able to use the claw of your hammer to pull out the nails. After pulling all nails, remove the piece.


    Cut new piece. Lay the damaged piece on top of a new piece, lining them up flush on one edge, mark a line and cut with long-handled snips.


    Lock in replacement piece. Bend the replacement piece to get the ends under the J channel. Then push the bottom to lock over the flange of the piece below. You may have to press a bit with the palm of your hand to lock the pieces together. Use 1¼ inch aluminum roofing nails spaced 12 to 16 inches apart to secure your new siding in place.


    Lock siding over flange. Since the siding over your new replacement piece is nailed in place, you won’t be able to push up to lock it. Instead use the zip tool to pull the bottom of the existing piece over the new piece, starting at one end, working your way across the length of the piece until the entire joint is locked together. Your repair is complete!


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