Installing Metal Roof: Remove Old Asphalt Shingles First?

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    LESLIE: Mark in West Virginia is on the line with a question about installing metal roof. How can we help you today?

    MARK: I was just wondering if I could put a metal roof over top of a shingle roof without removing the shingled roof.

    TOM: Well, you can but why do you want to do that, Mark? It’s kind of sloppy.

    MARK: I just – I’ve never worked with metal and I didn’t know if you could do it that way. Because you can shingle over an old asphalt shingle; you can put another – a layer over top of it. Just getting rid of them – the hassle of getting rid of them in a landfill.

    TOM: Technically, you can but I just think it’s going to be a neater, cleaner, more professional job if you take off the asphalt shingles to install metal roof. And they’re not that hard to remove.

    LESLIE: Yeah. And you don’t know how many layers are underneath your existing roof. Plus, I don’t know, really, but I’m imagining that a metal roof is going to have some weight to it. And why put that extra stress on the structure? And it’s a lifetime roof; you know, you’re looking at 50 years on a metal roof, so …

    MARK: How about cutting it? Any special tools? You have any idea?

    TOM: Yeah, I mean it’s all done with shears for installing metal roof.

    MARK: Yeah.

    TOM: And you can use hand shears and you can use power shears. But when you work with that stuff all the time, you have the tools that you need to do that. But that’s what you’re going to have to cut it with.

    MARK: Well, hey – well, thanks – thank you for being so – and I appreciate it.

    TOM: You’re very welcome. Good luck with that project. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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