Does Leaf Filter Gutter Guard Work? Money Pit Reviews

Does Leaf Filter gutter guard work?  Perhaps, but I will never recommend you buy it.  Here’s why.  To me the measure of a good product lies both in its quality and its credibility.  Leaf Filter seems to be a well-made and functional product, but if you want to buy it, get ready to be “sold.”

At a recent community festival, I stopped a Leaf Filter promotional booth.  I asked the representative the question I always ask guys like this:  what is the approximate cost of the product?  Unbelievably, the rep claimed he “had no idea.”  Nope, not a clue, he says.  More than $10 per foot, less than $100 I asked?  Just don’t know – he says.  He went on to explain all the variables that impact price, roof height, etc.  So, I said how about if I have a ranch, one story tall that has two gutters 50 feet long for each side with a total of 4 spouts (figuring that this was about the simplest example I could offer).  But once again, sorry, no idea, he’d really have to have an estimator come look at the job.

So why does a company offer such clueless responses?  Well, in my view they are not clueless at all – but they may hope you are.  You see companies like this want to get in your living room where they can SELL-SELL-SELL you.  In one instance, the company reported even refused to provide a Leaf Filter estimate unless the prospect’s wife was present (hard sales tactic 101: they want both “decision makers” in the room!).

In my view, refusing to offer even a range of costs for a very simple product like this until they see your house is a tactic to hopefully get them in the door, where they can really push for the sale.

After speaking with the rep for a while and not getting any credible answer to my question, I did explain that I was a home improvement radio host and really wanted to get a range because we are asked that question all the time on our show.  Finally, the truth came out when the exasperated rep uttered in pure sales-speak, “well, am I going to close you right now?

No, you’re not.  And with that attitude, you never will.

As consumers, we may be ready to buy.  But no one wants to be sold.

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