Create a Spa-style Bath

If a day at the spa is your valentine’s favorite gift, create a spa-away-from-the-spa in your own home. Simply upgrading a few existing fixtures and adding upscale products can elevate the experience in a bathroom space you already have. Try a few smart improvements to add comfort and luxury, and even trim monthly utility costs.

Create a Spa-Style BathUpgrade fixtures:  Make a soothing change for the better by switching in fixtures that offer improved performance as well as water savings. Select and install a new showerhead, upgrade tub filler fittings, or replace an existing vanity with a furniture-mounted basin and high-arc faucet.

Warm things up:  A warm, comforting space makes for a happier start to the day, so try adding some form of hydronic heating to your spa bath. A European-style heated towel rack is an easy addition, and hydronic heating “blankets” may be installed under flooring for whole-room warmth.

Pamper with furnishings:  A small bench or pouf can be stationed near a counter for convenient seating during spa treatments, and a seat in the shower also provides safety over the long haul. Beautiful storage, whether free-standing or wall-installed, supports a style statement while keeping amenities close at hand.

Stock with spa-style products:  Quality linens and a plush terry robe definitely say “spa” and add instant luxury to the bath experience. And don’t skimp on bath products, either. Splurge on favorite soaps, skin treatments and aromatherapies for the ultimate in daily indulgence.

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