The Best Gas Grill for You

If you’re planning on buying a gas grill, you’re in luck. Today’s gas grills are better than ever and have lots of cool features to make for a carefree cooking experience. Here are the things to look for as you shop for the best gas grill:

  • Solid hardware: Look for stainless steel hardware and a solid aluminum body. These gas grills are the most durable and can “take the heat” very well.
  • Gas Grill Cleaning TipsBurners: Look for an “H”-style burner when you’re comparing gas grills. This design provides an even distribution of heat. Make sure the burner is made from stainless steel; if it’s not, you can expect to have to replace it in a couple of years.
  • Warranties: Look for a warranty that covers all parts of the gas grill including the burner and valves. Some “lifetime” warranties only cover the gas grill body which has no moving parts and almost never breaks down.

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