Battery Powered Lawn and Garden Tool Makes Yard Work Easy

Homeowners love the look of a manicured lawn, but hate the hassles of messy gas-powered, backbreaking trimming and edging. Fortunately, there are options: hire a lawn service or opt for the new WORX GT, the battery-powered grass trimmer-and-edger that combines ergonomic features and cost saving benefits.

“We designed the WORX GT to bend and stretch so that you don’t have to,” said Craig Taylor, Positec VP of Brand Marketing. “This feature-rich tool weighs only 7 pounds and costs only $99,” Taylor emphasized. so you’ve got tool free adjustability for yard work efficiency and total operator comfort.

With a 10″ cutting diameter, the WORX GT comes with an 18-volt nickel-cadmium battery that powers the unit up to about 45 minutes, plus a 1-hour charger for speedy resumption of work. The tool’s telescoping shaft and adjustable padded handle (with 120-degree swivel) complement the ratchet mechanism in the cutter head, which can be tilted from zero to 90 degrees without tools or release buttons. “These features are known as the ErgoSum™ technology,” Taylor stated.

For yard aficionados, ErgoSum matters most when accessing low clearance areas under bushes, trimming on steep slopes and reaching deep into confined spaces. For delicate trimming around flowerbeds and furniture, the unit features a spacer guard that provides an easy guide so the cutting line only reaches what is supposed to be trimmed. The unit even balances in a freestanding ‘parked’ upright position if you set it aside to take a break.

“My arms hang freely at their natural position when I’m using the WORX GT,” Taylor explained, “so I don’t get fatigued. And the auto-feed single cutting line means I never have to stand there and bang the unit on the ground or mess with
tools and adjustments for additional line.”

The new WORX GT doubles as a lawn edger, thanks to its swivel-head that can be tilted from zero to 90 degrees, without tools or release buttons. In its vertical position, the unit’s cutter head engages a guide-wheel, providing a smooth-rolling support for clean edging. The GT’s auto-feed cutting line affords continuous and easy use of the tool and a double helix braided line means a sharper cut than traditional trimmers.

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