The VorMax Plus Self-Cleaning Toilet Freshens With Every Flush

self-cleaning toilet

Toilet cleaning is one of the less-pleasant home chores, but what if you had a toilet that could clean itself? The VorMax Plus from American Standard is the self-cleaning toilet that freshens with every flush.

The VorMax flush delivers one powerful jet of water that scrubs the entire bowl completely clean. And VorMax Plus technology infuses Lysol cleaner into the water with each flush, freshening the bowl day after day.

self-cleaning toilet

An in-the-bowl cling in a conventional toilet only cleans a small portion of the bowl, and looks unsightly hanging inside the bowl. But the VorMax Plus FreshInfuser is hidden in a compartment and easy to access. Each VorMax Plus FreshInfuser lasts 30 days or 360 flushes and provides an ocean fresh scent.

Conventional toilet bowls also have hidden, hard-to-reach surfaces where buildup and dirt hide. However, the VorMax Plus’ CleanCurve rim design omits the rim cavity and holes inside the bowl and eliminates dirt buildup.

VorMax toilets also feature EverClean ― the patented permanent finish available exclusively from American Standard ― that inhibits the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface, helping the toilet stay cleaner, longer.

The VorMax Plus self-cleaning toilet provides the cleanest, freshest flush ever engineered. It retails for $534 and is available at select showrooms and retailers nationwide.

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