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    Hard water, soap, and general wear and tear can do a number on your tub and shower fittings. Replacing a shower handle trim faucet is a complicated job best handled by a pro, but replacing your faceplate and trim is a quick, inexpensive job you can do on your own that yields great results. Here’s what you’ll need for this easy project:


    • Large Slot Screwdriver
    • Tongue & Groove Pliers
    • Tape Measure
    • Allen Wrenches
    • Utility Knife
    • Phillips Screwdriver
    • Shower Faucet Trim Kit
    • Small Slot Screwdriver (optional)
    • Old Toothbrush/Small Wire Brush (optional)
    • Adjustable Wrench (optional)
    • Putty Knife (optional)
    • Abrasive Pad – Green 3M-type (optional)

    When taking on this DIY task, be sure to equip yourself with the proper safety gear.


    • Eye Protection


    Remove shower faucet handle. How you’ll remove your shower faucet handle depends on the type of handle you have. Plastic knobs handles have a cap that can be pried off with your thumbnail or a small slot screwdriver. Take off the cap, unfastened the screws securing the handle to the faucet stem, and remove the handle. Lever handles are fastened with a small hex head set screw. Turn the handle up to find the screw. Use an Allen wrench. You may need to try a couple to find one that fits to loosen the set screw and remove the handle. Now you can also remove the valve body and sleeve.


    Remove faceplate. Faceplates are typically held in place with two screws. Back them out and remove the faceplate. If it’s sealed to the wall, use a utility knife to cut around the faceplate and release any [sill]cocks securing it to the wall.


    Install replacement faceplate. If you’re replacing a plastic knob handle, your new lever handle will come with a metal adapter that attaches to the faucet stem. Install the adapter. Set your new faceplate in place, making sure you position it according to hot and cold markings. With a Phillips head screwdriver, attach it using screws provided in your kit.


    Add replacement handle. If you’re replacing a plastic knob handle, slip on the new handle and tighten the screw on the end of the faucet stem. Once installed, press the rubber plug provided to cover the screw. If you’re replacing a lever handle, simply slip it on, making sure it’s oriented properly, then fasten with the set screw provided.

    Your installation is complete.

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