Bathroom Remodeling: is a Bath-in-a-box in Your Future?

bath in a box the future of bathroom remodelingUnlike most technologies these days, bathroom remodeling doesn’t evolve that quickly.  But here’s an innovation that caught our attention.  Bath Simple is a new company that radically simplifies the entire bathroom remodeling experience for homeowners, designers, and contractors nationwide.  By offering meticulously selected products, innovative and integrated products systems, easy-to-use online tools, an in-home design service and single-container delivery, Bath Simple is able to streamline the process of designing, ordering and installing a custom bathroom, regardless of price.

Here’s a close-up look at how it works: The bathroom remodeling process begins online, where Bath Simple establishes the type, size, budget and location of your bathroom renovation. Then the simple web tool asks you to choose a predesigned room vignette in your preferred style.  All fixtures, furnishings and surfaces in this virtual bathroom are customizable via a series of drop-down menus, so you end up with a unique digital visualization that lets you see what your finished bathroom space will look like and what it will cost.  If desired, design consultants are available for in-home visits to answer design questions, provide product and material samples, and to finalize measurements and product selections.

All the products needed to complete the new bath–right down to grout and sealants–are shipped to your home in ONE BOX!  This is a highly efficient method that saves time, money, energy and materials.  Installation is by a certified contractor in your area, or by a bathroom remodeling contractor of your own choosing. And it gets even better: your tired old fixtures and construction waste can be put in the shipping box and returned to Bath Simple for recycling

Bath Simple was founded by John Crowley and Bill Hunscher. Crowley is a systems and products developer and former Director of the Innovative Construction Technology program at MIT.  Hunscher is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the hardware and recycling industries. 

If you’ve been thinking about starting a bathroom remodeling project, but are intimidated by the complexity of the process, Bath Simple just might tip the scales in favor of remodeling your bathroom sooner rather than later.  And if you’re a homeowner for cares about the environment, you’ll be even more persuaded by the company’s emphasis on efficiency, water conservation, systems integration and utilization of sustainable materials and products.

With this streamlined bathroom remodeling approach, we could very well be looking at the future of home improvement.

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