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Dear Tom and Leslie,
I'm asking the designer in Leslie for help. My first floor windows have roll shutters on them for security. I do not
Have any window covering on the interior of the window.  I would like to open  the shutters to let sun light in, but would
Like to keep privacy. I know top down bottom up shades would be perfect,  but currently can not afford them.
Any ideas of something I can use or make myself at a lower cost? Thank you love the show

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Leslie Segrete Staff answered 6 years ago

You have a few options when it comes to keep privacy but also letting in some natural light, yes top down bottom up is an option but here's another.  Hunter Douglas makes a line of shades called the Silhouette.  That is their higher priced line and there is a mid range called the Nantucket.  Both shades feature a fabric vane sandwiched in between layers of sheer fabric.  This allows you to keep the shade in the down position but louvre the fabric vanes in between the shade for complete privacy or open them to let in the light.  Even when down and the vanes open you have a level of privacy due to the sheer material.  These shades are absolutely gorgeous and worth looking into.  Another company called Allure makes the Transition Shade which is the mid to lower price range.  It is a similar concept but instead of being the fabric vanes in between two layers of sheer fabric the Transition features a series of sheer and fabric bands in two layers on a roller that you either align for allowing light in or off set for privacy.  Check those out online and hopefully one will meet your budget and style.  Thanks for listening to our show!

Sheetal Werneke answered 6 years ago

I would also recommend what I think is the most affordable option out there, Serena shades from Lutron.  Starting at just $299, these are cellular shades that are completely remote controlled.  They also have a light reflecting backing to keep out the harsh sun.  They are also battery operated so there is no wiring involved.  You can learn more at