CommunityWhy Won’t Recessed Lighting Dim?

Why Won’t Recessed Lighting Dim?

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I recently had recessed lighting installed throughout my home. The lights in the living room won't dim sufficiently, even though the bulbs are dimming recessed lightbulbs.  They only dim a tiny bit, and the lowest level is still quite bright. The electrician tried adjusting a control on the switch, but now the lights are just dim all the time.  What can I do?

The Money Pit Answer

It sounds like you're maybe dealing with LED bulbs.  LED bulbs are great energy savers, but they don't have the dimming range of incandescent bulbs. 
Install a Lutron dimmer.  Lutron dimmers feature a range control that can adjust to the lowest and highest lighting levels, and also avoid conditions like flicker that are common with mixed sets of lights.  You may be able to install this dimmer yourself if you're familiar with electrical wiring, or you can also take advantage of Lutron's 1800 number.  They offer tech support that can help walk you through the installation process.

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Tim Hopkins answered 5 years ago

sound like the switch is upside down and your electrician was a boob !  It is either the bulbs or the dimmer, you will have to identify which is the problem by experimenting.  Also most cfl bulbs even though dimmable if labeled so do ot have much of a low end.  try LED lamps or incandescent, but do not exceed the rating of the fixture or type of lamp rated for the fixture.