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I recently learned that you could install a whole house water filter in your home.  What would be the main benefit of this and what type of water would require one?  Thanks!

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Ed Del Grande answered 6 years ago

A whole house water filter is just like the name says.  It usually is installed just after the water meter or well pump, on the main cold water line. Because of it's location, all the plumbing fixtures in the home can usually benefit from the filtered water. I have a whole house filter in my own home, so yes I think they're a good idea. Before having your filter installed by a licensed master plumber, have your water tested to make sure you get the best filter to fit your needs.


Ed Del Grande, is a three-time Master Plumber, GBCI LEED green associate, and contractor. He was born and raised in a family-owned plumbing business. He holds three current Master licenses in pipefitting, fire protection, and plumbing.