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Whole House Humidifiers Recomendation

I have natural gas forced heat and looking for a good whole house humidifier and was wondering what’s the best set up out now, I’ve seen the hot steam, and the evaporate type any help would be great, and I would like it to be the automatic type that I can set it and forget it. Thanks Rick

The Money Pit Answer

Rick, Before I got in to radio I was a professional home inspector for 20 years and a worn out humidifier was almost a daily find!  One unit I've personally worked with is Aprilaire's whole home humidifier.  It has a vertical evaporator pad that doesn't clog and works well  behind the scenes with very little maintenance or attention.  It also has  a computer controlled humidistat that constantly measures outdoor and indoor temperatures and adjusts humidity to match.  Trane also makes a very good quality unit that performs equally well.  Hope this helps and let us know if you have further questions.