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Whole House Dehumidifiers

We have a 2200 sf house with an unfinished basement, one zone forced air hvac system, and want to have a whole house dehumdifier installed along with a new thermostat which can requlate humidity along with temps.

What size do we need ? What manufacturer can you recommend ? Can you give us any of related info / tips ?

Thx – Jim and Anne

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Guest Staff answered 5 years ago

I have a fair amount of experience with the Aprilaire Whole Home Dehumidifier.  We used it in a TV project on a house that had a severe mold problem, that was sustained by high humidity, and it worked really well.  

I'm not aware that the humidistat and thermostat can be combined, as generally you'd place the humidistat on a lower floor (such as the basement) and the thermostat on the first floor.