CommunityWhich Rugs and Mats Won’t Stain Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Which Rugs and Mats Won’t Stain Vinyl Plank Flooring?

We just installed vinyl plank flooring throughout our home.  Which rug mats or rugs are safe for vinyl plank?  We've heard some mats and rugs can cause permanent stains.

The Money Pit Answer

You're right: A chemical reaction often occurs between rubber-backed rugs and mats and the vinyl beneath them, permanently staining the floor.  It's a pricey lesson all too many homeowners have learned the hard way, and is the result of antioxidants that are added to the rubber during manufacturing to keep it from drying out.  Latex-backed rugs and mats often have the same effect.  To avoid this, make sure to purchase non-staining mats or rugs that are identified as "colorfast" by the manufacturer.