Where to Begin…

I am a new home owner (for about 3 years) and there are a variety of problems at my home.  I don't know how to prioritize what is most important.  I have a leaky basement.  I had a handy man patch the biggest area of concern.  I think this is the only big leak in the basement and everything appears to be staying dry (Fingers crossed) but there hasn't been much thawing or rain since this was done.  He made a few suggestions about fixing up the cracks in the driveway with cement and having it sealed ASAP.  I know I should get gutters to make sure the water runs away from the house and have the yard graded away from the house.  One of the problems I have is the area that is leaking in the basement is at the junction of the driveway, garage and the main house but is UNDER the back porch.  Please help.  I don't have a lot of money to get everything done all at once so I need to know what is the most pressing to get done first.


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