CommunityWhat’s the Best Way to Vent My Dryer Out of My House?

What’s the Best Way to Vent My Dryer Out of My House?

I had a hallway laundry closet built, but the contractor did not put in a vent for the dryer.  The closet is on the first level of my home, about halfway between the front and back of the house, and about 15 feet from the side exterior wall.  I can either vent the dryer through the floor and the basement ceiling, then out the back bric,k or I can go up and out of the attic.  Either way, I have to cut through flooring which I have never done.  This is all new to me but I am learning many things after being married 33 years and now on my own.  I can do it –  I just need to know which approach would be best.  Thanks!  Karen

The Money Pit Answer

First of all, congratulations on taking on these projects on your own.  There's a lot I'm sure you're capable of doing.  Keep in mind, though, that working beyond your skill set can end up being more expensive in the long run.  Opening up ceilings may be a little out of your league for you (and most homeowners, for that matter), considering you could hit wiring and make an electrical mess - or get hurt. 
In terms of the best way to redirect the dryer vent: As a rule of thumb, the shortest, straightest path out is best  If you vent up through attic, you'll notice it takes longer for clothes to dry because your dryer isn't strong enough to push air up efficiently.  And remember that every 90-degree bend in the ducting is the equivalent of 15-feet of straight ducting in terms of the energy needed to push air through - so any bend greatly reduces efficiency and potentially your dryer's performance.