CommunityWhat’s the Best Cleaner for Wood Kitchen Cabinets?

What’s the Best Cleaner for Wood Kitchen Cabinets?

What product would you recommend for cleaning wood kitchen cabinets? They are a light white oak and are very dirty with grease, hand grime and cigarette smoke residue.  Thank you in advance for your response.

The Money Pit Answer
Start with Murphy's Oil Soap.  It's a good, dependable wood cleaner.  The rule of thumb with Murphy's, though, is don't use excessive water when using it.  If you dip a washcloth into the Murphy's and wipe the cabinets down, follow up with a clean sponge to get the soap off and to get it dry.   Another great product is WD-40.  WD-40 has a ton of household uses; however, use it only on a spot-treatment basis, for tough grease or other stains. Good luck!