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Weatherproof Outdoor Storage: Choosing a Storage Shed for Extra Space and Protection of Your Belongings

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I need an outdoor storage space that is weatherproof and low maintenance to store lawn and garden equipment and bicycles. Do you have any suggestions?

The Money Pit Answer

Homeowners are always looking for more storage space in and around the house, especially weatherproof outdoor storage. Often items like lawn mowers, power tools and pesticides are often kept in the garage, and wind up taking the space where the car should reside. Not only do they clutter the garage, but they can be especially hazardous to curious children who can get hurt by sharp tools or dangerous chemicals in their reach.

The good news is that there's a whole new generation of prefabricated sheds that are durable, lockable and more inexpensive and appealing than their predecessors. People don't have to be stuck with wood sheds that constantly need to be painted or treated for termites, or metal sheds that rust and warp over time. High-quality plastic sheds can be easily assembled and will both store and protect your belongings.

When selecting a weatherproof outdoor storage shed, select one constructed with steel-reinforced plastic, which is stronger and durable enough to protect your belongings from outdoor elements. Look for sheds with high-pitched roofs, allowing quick drainage of rain and snow, and special slip-resistant flooring helps keep homeowners safe. Screen vents and skylights allow for airflow while keeping pests out.

Outdoor storage sheds may also come with windows and lights so that it's easy to find things in the shed any time you need them. And some are also expandable so they can get bigger as your storage needs expand.  One tip: make sure you measure the area where you plan to put your weatherproof outdoor storage shed. The last thing you want is to get the shed home and then realize that it's too big to fit in the designated spot!