CommunityWaterproofing An Outside Door Frame

Waterproofing An Outside Door Frame

I have a metal door frame surrounded by concrete/cinder block. What can I use to around the frame to seal out the water?

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Woodbridge Environmental answered 6 years ago

If you have large gaps to fill you should consider using a low rise spray foam to fill the spaces between the frame and the wall.  Once that is done, or you do not have large gaps. A good quality silicone caulking works best.  Be sure that the frame is clean and that the block wall is not peeling, chipping or dirty.  Then simply caulk it closed.  Do not leave the spray foam exposed to the weather should you use it to fill the gaps.  And be sure to use the foam that is just for windows and doors.  The other foam products put to much pressure as they expand which will cause the door frame to possibly move and cause the door to stick.