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Water Takes a Long Time to Get Hot: How to Fix

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I had a tankless water heater installed two years ago and noticed that I am using one heck of a lot of water down the drain until the water gets hot. I am tired of paying for wasted water. Can someone help as to what to do? I've heard of a recycle pump, but the cost is extremely high. Any other suggestions to stop wasting water?

The Money Pit Answer

As you may be aware, the amount of water that has to run to before it gets warm is a function of the distance between the plumbing fixture and the tankless water heater. So, the same problem would occur whether it was a tank or tankless water heater, because it would be the same physical distance.

Your suggestion of a recirculator is a possibility, but it's not likely to provide a return on investment because the cost of installing it would take an impossibly long time to recoup in saved water.

Here's a more practical solution: Consider whether or not you can split your water heating needs in two and add a second tankless heater, because, again, the closer the water heater is to the faucet, the less distance it has to travel.

There's really no solution that will be cost effective. A second water heater is just as expensive as a recirculator. But one advantage with a tankless water heater is that it's physically small and can fit in a lot of spaces.