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Water Softeners: Salt vs. No Salt

I need to replace my water softener.  I am debating buying one that uses salt and one that doesn't.  I know both keep pipes clean, but how do they affect hair and clothes? I use color on my hair and they recommend soft water.  Would the one without salt work the same on my hair?  I have researched Pelican and Aquasana. Both are expensive. You mentioned another one whose name I can't remember.  Help!

The Money Pit Answer
I'm personally a fan of salt-free water softeners, and have had success with EasyWater.  Here's how it works: You know how magnets repel one another when two positives are pressed together? EasyWater's technology is similar:  Water comes into your house, and EasyWater creates a magnetic field within the water that causes hard water particles from sticking together.  Another perk to EasyWater is that the product is installed at your main water line - so it treats all of the water in your house without the need for a device at each faucet.