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Water Coming in Windows

Theres water coming in under the windows in my kitchen. This only happens when there is driving rain or I try washing the windows with a garden hose. Now it doesn’t come in the window it leaks from right under the molding on the inside of the window. I’d just replace the windows since they are very old but I plan on gutting my kitchen in a year or two when I have the money. I’m looking for a cheap fix for now until I can afford to redo my kitchen.

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Guest Staff answered 6 years ago

It sound's like it is most likely getting in via the flashing between the window and the exterior wall.  I'd start at the top of the window and either replace or seal the flashing from the top down.  If possible, it's best to remove the siding to do this.  You can also try a quick fix by caulking around the window but this usually won't deliver long term success.