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Is it AAMA policy to measure from drywall to dry wall instead of brick to brick to get measurements for new windows? That’s what the company manager said when I sent the rest of the window back. By measuring in this fashion, I have an INCH gap ALL around the outside of my windows. The company said they fill in the gap with fiberglass insulation and then cover the space with a vinyl trim and a bead of caulk. This much space between the window and the framed in space seems unbelievable. It seems to me that the window was measured wrong for the space. I thought there should only be an eighth or a forth inch space between the window and the opening. I only allowed them to put in 2 windows, temporarily, before I said stop! I had to get advice on this. I DESPERATELY NEED YOUR ADVICE!! The windows otherwise have all the needed R value, e- glass, energy star rated, etc. It’s just that space AROUND the window that is causing me to lose sleep.

I could find nothing in the Simonton window brochure that helped me with my question.
Wanda Thorson

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I'm not familiar with the AAMA requirements for replacement windows, but I agree that 1" seems like an awfully large gap.


Most window manufacturers are pretty good about technical support for their products. I suggest that you take a few good, clear pictures of the installation and send them to Simonton and ask for advice.