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Traffic Noise Mitigation


I hear your show frequently on WPTF in Raleigh and thought you may be able to assist.

Currently, I am in a townhouse (HoA Covenants apply) off of I-40 and the traffic noise is enough to disturb me around 415AM each workday. In addition, another lane is being added with no present design for an acoustic barrier.

Is there anything that can be done to eliminate or at least dampen the traffic noise?

Thanks for your time and assistance.


The Money Pit Answer

Hi Daniel,

Aside from giving your local your local politicians an earful about the benefits of sound barriers, I do have a couple of suggestions for you that might help.  First, you may want to consider adding a layer of sound-proof drywall to the exterior walls that face the highway. This type of drywall has technology that absorbs sound and reduces it's transmittance.

Secondly, while sound-deadening glass windows are available, they'd be prohibitively expensive to install.  Hence, I'd recommend adding heavy drapes for the windows facing the exterior walls along the highway (in addition to the drywall mentioned above).  These will help absorb some of the sound that passes though the glass.

Thaks for listening and I hope this helps!