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Toilet Ring, Sink Ring, Shower Shum?

I have listened to your show munerous times over the past years, Being an ex-contractorI find many subjects interesting,

One in paticlur. You are directing as  how to get rid of water rings and spots in toilets, showes, tubs, and toilets. You keep sending them to the store to buy chemicals which are detemental to the appliance and health of the use if not masked. Well here is a very simple way to get rid of hard water rinds, calicum, mangisum, and all hard water staining problems. From my house cleaner, which was like pulling teeth to get.

At Lowes and other hard ware stores, they sell a little product for sand sheet rock. Its balck and looks like sand paper. Looks and feels like it also.

Just wet the paper and sand off anywthin that stains applicanes. Workd great, even on glass shower doors, no scrratching of anything.

Good luck try it out first. Oh let me get to the store to stock up before this hit the airways.

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