Tile Shower Leaking

I have a tile shower built in the 60's. I see the grout is gone between tiles & the drain & shower basin are also failing. I get leakage downstairs onto the floor after using the shower.

I would lkike to have it repaired – but am worried the moisture has settled behind the tile and under the basin.  So concerned about mold as well.

I am unsure who to contact to get this all repaired for me.  And who would be able to evaluate any damage behind the walls and how it can be mitigated……

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Woodbridge Environmental answered 7 years ago

Any good quality home improvement contractor can correct this for you.  By the sound of it you will need to gut the shower out and do a complete rebuild.


It is quite normal to worry about the possible moisture damage that could have occurred under the shower pan area. And with all the issues everyone hears in the news about mold its no wonder your concerned.


If the shower has been leaking for a period of time it is very likely that mold has developed in this area. But this is not the end of the world.  Way to much bad press has gone on about mold and it has become blown way out of proportion as the result.  This does not mean you need to take this lightly, but I doubt you will see all sorts of men running around in white suites because of the leak.


The contractor who you will work with should put up plastic walls to keep the construction dust down.  In fact its required by law due to the recent lead paint laws in effect. And because your home is of that age in which lead paint could have been used, they need to take the same precaution for this as they would with mold.  In any case they need to confine the area in which they are working.  If when they open the shower walls up and they find some mold behind the walls, they simply cut it out, bag it and put it into the dumpster.  They will wear masks or they should and the whole mold and damage issue will be gone.  If the moisture has caused damage to any of the framing, it will be at this point where they will fix that. Once done they simply rebuild the shower of your dreams. 


In any case you do not need to hire all sorts of experts for evaluations.  Simply do your research for a good kitchen and bath contractor, check references, licenses, and use care when paying them. And if they have the experience needed to change the shower out, they have already dealt with this type of issue many times before.


Please keep me updated on how you make out!