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Sunroom Addition: Insulation or Not?

We are talking with several contractors about converting a screened-in eleveated porch (decking floor) to a sunroom.  The current roof is asphalt singles with no true insulation.  We will be installing a PTAC for HVAC.  We live in Opelika, AL (HOT).  The room faces North and would be somewhat shaded in the summer months.  One contractor insists that the ceiling should be dropped so that insulation can be installed.  That seems to make sense.  None of the other contractors even mentioned insulation above.  Will we regret NOT insulating at the time of construction?  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


The Money Pit Answer

First off, you can never go wrong by adding insulation.  These sorts of small rooms are notoriously difficult to heat and cool so making it as energy efficient as possible is smart.

Secondly, I want to address an issue that you may not realize you have.  In the 20+ years I spent as a professional home inspector, I saw many sunroom "conversions" from spaces that were once decks or porches.  Be careful to make sure that the original structure is suitable for enclosure.  You are not creating finished living space and a deck or patio, for example, makes a lousy start.  The new addition should meet all the same building codes as the original house.