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Storm Damage: How to Fix Holes in Soil

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I live in Arkansas and we just had some pretty bad and heavy storms for close to a week straight. Around my house, some of the soil has washed out in areas. Some of it is near the back patio and some of it is randomly around my house. You may see a dip in the soil, and then there isn’t another one for a few feet.    I realize I need to fix my drainage, but can I just add topsoil to those spots where it is missing? I didn’t know if it was that simple or not.   Thanks!

The Money Pit Answer

Hey Jacob,

Restoring the holes in soil may be that easy but it really depends on how deep of a pit it left.  If it's more than a 3 or 4 inches, you should first fill it in with clean fill dirt, and then add top-soil and plant grass, or use another covering to stop erosion.  

Top soil is just that, meant to be the top layer or dirt.  It's rich in organic matter and designed to support root growth.  For everything deeper, use the clean fill dirt, which is available from a landscape supply hour.  Be sure to tamp it as yo go, and add more than you need because it will settle over the first few rain storms.

Hope this helps!

Tom Kraeutler