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Steel vs. Wood vs. Fiberglass Front Entry Door

Tom Kraeutler Staff
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I need to have a new front entry and storm door installed. I'm not sure if I should go with steel door or a fiberglass door.  The door faces west, and it gets hot between the entry and storm door. I’m concerned about durability and maintenance. Any suggestions?

The Money Pit Answer

It's no longer necessary to install both and entry door and a "storm" door. Back in the day when the only door choice was wood, having a storm door made sense. Today though, doors are far better built and provide able storm resistance as well as strength and beauty. 


As for deciding between steel or fiberglass, it's a no-brainer. Fiberglass entry doors can look like wood or steel doors, but don't rot or rust. They are five times more energy efficient and far stronger too. I'd recommend you take a look at the doors made by one of our sponsors Therma-Tru. My office manager has a Therma-Tru door that we put in for her a few years back and it looks as good today as the day it was installed. For more for, go to