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Standby Generator Comparison

I am in the market to purchase and install a standby generator for my home.  I am considering a generator that will service most of my 3500 sq.ft. home with 2 furnaces and A/C units.  I am thinking about a 20kw generator.  However, I cannot find any independent reviews that compare the different brands (e.g., Generac vs. Briggs & Straton vs. Kohler) of the same size generators.  Do you know of any that exist?

Any ideas???



The Money Pit Answer
First, great move installing a standby generator.  I have had one for over a decade and have been very thankful that I do - especially during Hurricane Sandy when it ran for 9-days straight. Both KOHLER and Generac are great brands so I'd start there.  I'm not aware of any review sites but these days, most of the best reviews are on sites that sell these products.  For example, both KOHLER and Generac 20k units have solid 4+ star reviews at Home Depot. I'd recommend you use the dealer locator for both brands, ask for estimates and take it from there.  You can't go wrong with either but I will say that both Leslie and I are in the process of installing new standby generators in our homes.  Both of us chose KOHLER.