CommunityStainless Steel vs. Plastic Dishwasher Interior – Which is Better?

Stainless Steel vs. Plastic Dishwasher Interior – Which is Better?

I'm shopping for a new dishwasher and am curious: What's the benefit of a stainless steel dishwasher interior over a plastic interior?

The Money Pit Answer

Stainless steel dishwasher interiors are generally preferred over plastic interiors for a few reasons: They're quieter than plastic, are more energy efficient, and can endure higher temperatures - which means your dishes get a deeper clean.  They have their drawbacks, though.  You pay more for stainless steel's durability, but there is the risk of rusting over time.  And the hard water stains and calcium buildup on stainless steel is enough to drive some people batty!  If streaks and buildup are the only things keeping you from stainless, consider a great product that cuts down on dishwasher buildup to help take the edge off. 

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Sheetal Werneke answered 5 years ago

The main benefits are noise reduction, durability and the ability of the stainless steel to withstand higher temperatures. Plastic tub dishwashers can only withstand water that reaches 140 degrees, whereas a stainless tub can handle water up to 160 degrees. The other benefit is that because the stainless steel can hold the heat, it will cut down the energy used in the drying cycle, making them a little more energy efficient. Hope this helps!