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Staining a Pressure Treated Pine Fence

Twelve years ago, I installed and stained a pressure-treated pine fence. It had lately begun been looking pretty worn from the years of exposure to elements, so I power washed it this year, which brought some new life into it.

I like the new look but am unsure if I should stain it again.  We prefer this natural wood look, and would prefer NOT to stain it unless doing so will get us more years out of it.  What are the best products out there, if I need to put anything on at all?


The Money Pit Answer

Unfortunately, the look you achieved now by pressure wshing will not remain.  Over time, the wood will darken again, and you'll find yourself in same position - with wood that's in worse shape than it is now.  For that reason, I recommend staining.  Pressure-treated lumber won't rot if you opt out of staining it, but it will continue to crack.  Stain helps protect it from UV damage that can speed up that cracking. 

Use a solid color wood stain - it will protect the fence from UV rays and gives consistency of color.  While you're at it, apply algaecides to the wood that will prevent moss growth and add to its preservation.