Spalling and Cracking on New Concrete


My wife and I purchased our first home last April and had a contractor do some repairs for us. One of these was replacing the front walkway and steps. There is a large slab (approx. 8ft by 12 ft), two steps, and a top cap. These were poured in late April/ early May and we are now brgining to see cracks across the large slab and spalling on the top cap. Are either or both of these something to be concerned about?

The work that was completed has a warranty on it. Are these something that can be correctly fixed easily with a product or should these be torn out and re-poured?

Thanks in advance!

Ryan Q

Des Moines, IA

The Money Pit Answer

Looking at your pictures, I don't see evidence of spalling as I would describe it.  Spalling is when water gets under concrete, freezes, and then lifts off sections of it.  It's a serious level of deteioration I don't see happening here.  The crack as pictured appears to be a minor shrinkage crack.  It possibly ould have been prevented with more expansion and contraction joints, but it's not structurally unsound.  I would recommend keeping an eye on the crack.  Also seal it and consider a finish for the concrete like an epoxy paint which will even out the color and hide minor cracks.