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Self-Operating Fan Light Won’t Turn Off

I live in an 8-year old house. It came with what seems to be an upscale ceiling fan/light in the bedroom made by Kichler.  It operates strictly by remote – there are no pull chains.

It's worked fine until a few days ago. Now the light will come on by itself at odd times. Often when the remote is used to turn it off the cfl bulbs will flicker instead of going straight off.  Yesterday I installed a new remote receiver set but the problem remains. It's a beautiful fan.  I'd hate to get rid of it, but the self-operating light scares and annoys me.  Any ideas??

The Money Pit Answer

It sounds like there's potentially a short circuit - and any time a circuit malfunctions, it's potentially very dangerous.  You probably should replace it, as it sounds like something is loose in these sockets.  I suggest calling an electrician right away.