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Screws Showing Through

Hello  I made some sheetrock repairs fixing poped out screws and holes in my sheetrock. After I painted I noticed that I can see each and every repair that I made in the paint the circles from the screws I replaced and the smooth spots where I sanded . Is there some way for me to fix these problems without to much work and how can I prevent this in the future?  I did use a primer. Thanks for any help you can give   Kevin

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Woodbridge Environmental answered 6 years ago

Few things cause this. 

The spackle used was not quite as dry as you thought and still shrunk a bit more so that can show things up a bit.

The original finish was a different texture then what you applied with primer and finish coat.

You sanded to much spackle off and did not feather it out enough.


The first coat of spackle should cover the hole and be wiped clean leaving only the nail or screw head covered.  Then a light sanding and another coat with it covering about four inches out around the screw.  The light sanding once again and a final coat that fills the sand scratches and feathers round the edge of the prior coat.  Let dry.  Then using a damp sponge sand this area down to smooth out any rough areas. Let this dry. Prime paint, about at least one foot away from all sides of the repair. Let dry.  Then another light sanding, just to take any shine off of the primer.  Then paint with it going out to just past the prime paint area. 


This is a common issue for those who do not do this on a regular basis. Even though my service company does these types of repairs quite often, we still have issues from time to time when we must go back and make another repair. So do not beat yourself up it is simply something that takes a bit of practice doing, but once you get it. It will stick with you for ever.