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Sagging Floor?

I have a question about how I can find out if I am having some sort of a foundation problem. I have noticed the countertops in the kitchen pulling away from the wall. My kitchen is a “L” shaped kitchen with the problem showing up on the outer edges of the walls. The biggest area is on the shorter wall where the stove is but there is also a gap forming in the corner under the cabinets between them and the ceramic tiles. Also noticed front door is now very tight to close but doing times of high winds there is a whistling from underneath. How do I find out if it's actually a foundation problem or the kitchen floor is sinking and just a bad seal under the front door.

The Money Pit Answer

These are both normal situations that by themselves are very unlikely to signal a more severe structural problem.  You can find tips here to to fix countertop gaps.

As for the door, seasonal movement is typical and a carpenter can help adjust the door to allow for enough gaps to let the door close easily and enough weatherstripping to keep it from becoming drafty.