CommunitySacrifice Tub to Expand Master Bedroom Closet?

Sacrifice Tub to Expand Master Bedroom Closet?

Our master bathroom is adjacent to our master bedroom closet.  Our master bathroom is a very decent size and has a separate tub and shower.  Our master bedroom closet is a walk-in, okay in size, but leaning to the smallish size.  My question is, should we increase the size of the master bedroom closet by approximately 5 feet, or keep our 5-foot tub?  We could add a shower over the tub in the shower area if we wanted.  Do we keep the shower and the tub?  Or extend the closet to make it bigger?

We do have extra storage in the attic and in the garage.  We also have a custom-built, waterproof shed for storage.  Right now it is a rental.  We do intend to move back there in retirement as it is a rare one-story, but will probably sell it after living there for two years and move out of California.   Thank you so very much for your candid advice.

The Money Pit Answer

The size and quality of the bathrooms in a home play a big role in its value. Generally, you would never want to give up any of your bathroom space to increase storage space. All other things being equal, a spacious bathroom adds more value to a home than a spacious master bedroom closet.

From your description, it sounds like you have a separate tub and a standalone shower stall. If that's the case, you would technically still have a full bath if you gave up the tub. However, I personally would be reluctant to give up bathroom space. If you're not concerned about selling the home, go for it. Otherwise, the fact that you have a separate tub and shower is a nice quality that would make your home stand out.