CommunityRoof Leaking This Past Winter

Roof Leaking This Past Winter

After the 22in. of snow we had this last winter my roof leaked. At least that is what I think happened. When the snow and ice started to melt water came in between the window frames. Do I need to have the roof checked for damage or was this just a freak thing because of the snow? It was just on one side of the house. The north.

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Guest Staff answered 7 years ago

Well, this is an easy one!  You are describing what is known as an "ice dam."  It occurs when snow melts up high on the roof and runs down the eaves where it forms a "dam" of ice and then gets pushed back up under the shingles causing a leak.

Good news is that this is officially "storm damage" and thus covered by your homeowners insurance.

The solution is to install ice and water shield up under the roof along the lower edge (first 3 feet up from the gutter). This will prevent the leak the next time it occurs.

Pam Schroder answered 7 years ago

I had the insurance man in to look at damages. He only gave me an eatimate on damage to the inside of the house. He said there was no damage to the roof. Is this possible? The roof did leak. Just wondering if this is right. Thank you for youf time. Pam S

Guest Staff answered 7 years ago

Well, the ice dam may have not damaged the roof, but the roof WILL leak again and the insurance company WILL be back to fix it again unless you install Ice and Water shield which is necessary to prevent the roof from leaking again.

Have you talked to an independent insurance adjuster?  They may be able to get the insurance comany to listen to reason.

Pam Schroder answered 7 years ago

No I haven't talked to an independent insurance adjuster but I will.  Thank you. Pam S