CommunityRepairing Chips in a Granite Countertop – DIY or Hire a Pro?

Repairing Chips in a Granite Countertop – DIY or Hire a Pro?

I have several small chips (missing pieces) on the edge of my granite kitchen counter.  Is it okay to buy a DIY kit to fix this, or should I go ahead and hire a professional? If I should buy a kit, what kit should I buy?

The Money Pit Answer

It's tempting to buy an over-the-counter chip repair kit to fix grantie chips, but those kits can't compare to the work of a granite repair professional (countertop installers who specialize in stone countertop installation and repair should be qualified for this job).
The key difference is this: DIY kits use a thick paint-like material to fill in the chip, whereas a granite pro uses real granite, and actually rebuilds the damaged portion of the countertop.  A pro will grind up granite identical to the granite in your counter (or as close as possible to it), mix it with epoxy, fill in the chip and then very carefully sand and buff that area to perfection.  You can see the process in  When the job is done, the repair is invisible.  Considering you have several chips - which are more challenging to fix than granite cracks -  I highly recommend hiring a pro.  You won't be happy with the results otherwise.
When the job is done, seal the granite counter for a more enduring look. 

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