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Repairing Chipped Porcelain Tub

Something heavy dropped and chipped my porcelain white bathroom tub. I tried to apply paint to the affected area, but it rusted beneath. Is there any way to fix the chipped area of my white porcelain bathtub?

The Money Pit Answer

To fix your chipped porcelain tub, there is a product on the market that you might want to try a product called Porc-a-Fix®.
Porc-a-Fix® is a repair material and finish in one product, made to match just about any color porcelain that is manufactured today or was manufactured 20 years ago.  It covers up scratches and chips for porcelain on steel, cast iron, and clay (ceramic). Porc-a-Fix® will repair your chipped porcelain tub in one easy step, with no long waiting period or mixing of ingredients.