CommunityRemoving Scuff Marks From Laminate Floor

Removing Scuff Marks From Laminate Floor

I rearranged recently, and my furniture left scuff marks on my wood laminate floor.  What's the best way to get them up? 

The Money Pit Answer

For starters, let's clarify: Removing scuffs from wood is different than removing them from laminate.  If you describe your floor as "wood laminate," make sure you're following maintenance instructions for laminate floors - NOT wood floors. 
But back to those scuffs.  There's no one-size-fits-all solution, because removal depends on what caused the mark in the first place.  The fact that yours came from furniture leads me to believe the scuffs were caused by rubber.  I've had good experiences using Magic Eraser to break down rubber scuff marks.  If that doesn't work, try Scotch-Brite scouring pads.  Scotch-Brite -  yes, the green ones that you use on cookware - have enough abrasiveness to do the job without damaging the floor.  Use them with a bit of household spray cleaner. 
If the scuff still won't budge, try WD40.  However, it comes with one major caveat: You must thoroughly rinse the area afterward, because WD40 leaves a floor very slippery.  However, it should lift that scuff.  Good luck!