CommunityRemoving Lumber Stamps from Our New Deck

Removing Lumber Stamps from Our New Deck

We have pressure-treated wood on our new deck. The boards still have the stamps from the lumber yard. How can we remove those stamps so they don't show through when we stain our deck? Thank you so much for your help.

The Money Pit Answer

Lumber is marked by an agency accredited by the American Lumber Standard Committee to help ensure its grade.  So even though you now have the stamp to contend with, at least you know you're getting a quality product!

I don't think you can remove these stamps without causing severe indentations.  However, you can try to sand the stamp lightly before staining the lumber to diminish its presence.  To help the cause, stain the deck using a solid colored opaque stain.  It will cover any remnants of the stain, and, to boot, you get the most longevity out of solid stains.