CommunityRemoving Glue Adhesive from Hardwood Floors

Removing Glue Adhesive from Hardwood Floors

What is the safest, easiest way to remove a thick layer of adhesive glue that remained on my hardwood floors after I peeled of the linoleum? I already tried sanding it. That did get most of it, but I'm concerned about the effects of too much sanding. Currently I am thinking vinegar – will this eat away at the glue?

The Money Pit Answer

Glue adhesive can be really hard to remove from wood - and most surfaces, for that matter.  There's no chance vinegar is gonna cut it.  You need an adhesive remover.  Citrus-based removers and strippers can be effective, but in this case you might not be able to avoid sanding those floors, too.  I recommend having a pro handle the sanding for you. Done well, sanding them will cause the least amount of wear and tear, and will get rid of the glue.  Done incorrectly, though, it can severely damage your floors.  Good luck!  Post before and after photos to Money Pit's Facebook page.