CommunityReimbursement from Home Insurance Company for Air Conditioner

Reimbursement from Home Insurance Company for Air Conditioner

I made the mistake of purchasing an air conditioner compressor because my air conditioner didn't work (hadn't worked since I moved in 3 months ago) and we were approaching record breaking heat temps in L.A. 4th of July weekend.  It was the Friday before the 3-day weekend and I found a company who would do it that day.  I'm a first-time home buyer, and didn't realize that I could have it paid for by my home insurance coverage.   I had the airconditioner compressor fixed before contacting my insurance company, not knowing what I know now. I realize now that there would have been no way for them to get it fixed before the weekend in such short notice.  They refuse to reimburse me for the work since I didn't contact or go through them first. 

Is there anything I can do or say to them to get some, if not all,  of the cost reimbursed?  BTW, there was no mention of the air conditioner not working in the appraisal report during the inspection, and the air conditioner has never worked since I moved in and purchased the condo 3 months ago.  Isn't this neglect on the part of the inspector.   Can I go after the bank/appraiser for the cost?  How?  

Please help. 

Naive 1st time homebuyer.

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Guest Staff answered 6 years ago

Warranties on appliances are typically very difficult to claim against. Your situation, while unfortunate, is not unusual. However, you might want to file a complaint with the department of insurance in your state. Such complaints are always responded to.

Regarding your home inspector: He or she should have tested the air conditioner during the inspection. If it wasn't tested, or if the report said it was working when it wasn't, you may have a valid complaint against the inspector. Contact him or her directly about the issue.