Prepping Walls for Paint After Wallpaper Removal

I am in the process of refreshing my kitchen and intend to paint walls that were previously wallpapered. Thanks to the Wagner Power Steamer, the wallpaper is coming down pretty nicely, with just a few spots where the backing paper has come off the sheetrock. Once it's all down, what is the best way to prep the walls for paint? I intend to paint the walls a matte finish, probably in a light tan color

The Money Pit Answer

Kudos to you for using a steamer to remove wallpaper.  It makes the job so much easier, doesn't it?  

Your next best step is to prime the walls.  I recommend a latex or oil-based primer, which will seal in the surfaces nicely and give you a great base upon which to add your top coat of paint.  Using primer will help the new paint flow and adhere properly.   
Post some before and after shots to Money Pit's Facebook page so we can admire the results!