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Painting Over Stripes

A couple of years ago, I painted my grand-daughters bedroom. The walls are a light brown on orange peel texter. I painted 2  12″ stripes near the ceiling. 1 is a dark brown and 1 is pink.  She's grown up now and wants the stripes to disappear.  How do I  paint over the stripes without leaving them noticeable?

The Money Pit Answer

The best way to paint over dark colors is to thoroughly clean the wall first (TSP works well for this) then lightly sand the walls, and then use a good quality primer.  If the finished color is dark, then tint the primer first. If the finished color is lighter, then you can use it right out of the can.

The primer will seal in the old colors and help make sure the top coat flows nicely and covers well.  Make sure the paint you use is good quality too. Cheap paint won't cover well.  See the article for more painting tips.